Kitchen Update – Stool Edition

Kitchen Update – Stool Edition

My competitive spirit is still alive and kicking. In a desire to have something to show for my week on the Dueling DIY: Kitchen Renovation Challenge, I continued working on my kitchen.

I decided last week that I really needed an “instant gratification” project, like my light, each week to keep me excited and moving forward. So, here you go.

Boom. Done.

Spray Painted Bar Stools

I painted the stools. I bought them for $50 off of Craigslist last summer. They were a very “aged” teal color. I liked the color but wasn’t a fan of all the glazing.

Bar Stool - Before

While I wasn’t hating it, I wasn’t in love with the color. Also, the sort of just disappeared under the bar area and did nothing to bring attention to my pretty barn wood down there.

Kitchen Progress 12.13 with Screen

Now, with a fun pop of color, they are hard to miss.

Kitchen Update with Spray Painted Stools

Mandi at Vintage Revivals is having a  “Rock What You Got” party. I took up her challenge as well. I used spray paint I had on hand, so this fun little update cost me zero dollars! My favorite kind of project. The yellow is Rustoleum’s primary yellow, left over from Noah’s Eagle Project. The bottom of the stools are sprayed with Krylon’s Oil-Rubbed Bronze (the same as the base of the light fixture overhead).

Here was my To Do List for the week:

  1. Finish filling big hole
  2. Sand window wall, prime and paint (It’s all sanded except for the big hole area)
  3. Sand board and batten on window wall, prime and paint (I sanded about half of it)
  4. Build radiator cover
  5. Sand arched wall, prime, paint
  6. Sand, stain and seal big shelves (I just need to put the sealer on)
  7. Cut trim for window wall and chimney side
  8. Caulk, sand and paint crown molding

Work has been slow-going this week in the arctic tundra known as Ohio. We’ve had bitter, bitter cold temperatures.


I think the wind chill factor was -29° this day. Sam has only gone to 10 days of school this entire month and those he has been to have mostly had 2-hour delays. Katie‘s program has even been cancelled the last two days because of the cold and they almost never cancel. I hear that more snow is on the way. Sigh.

In other project news, I did manage to make these two shirts for my sister, who started chemo a couple of weeks ago. I managed to snap a couple of cell phone shots before I sent them to her in a care package.

Breast Cancer Warrior T-shirt

I love the sparkle and shine of this shirt. I will definitely be making a shirt for me with the glitter vinyl.

The Chemo Made Me Do It T-shirt

I also finished a hat for Hubs and sent it to him. He saw a couple of hats I’d knitted for the boys at Christmas time and requested I make one for him. Here I am modeling his new hat. If you are not a regular reader, you may not know that Hubs is currently living in Utah at his new job while the boys and I are still in Ohio until the end of the school year. Not fun, but whatchagonnado?


Even though I haven’t done as much on my kitchen as I wanted, I still had a fairly productive week. If it ever warms up above single digits, I might even get some painting done, which I’m very anxious to do.

My plan for next week is to finish my list from last week, plus, if it’s a little warmer, I plan to paint the upper section of the window wall and arched doorway area. The board and batten needs to wait because I am using an oil-based primer on those areas and that requires some outside ventilation. I’m using a water-based primer on the upper section and can live with the paint smell on that one.

Here’s hoping! See you next week.