Pumpkin Fluff

Pumpkin Fluff

I was seriously tempted to throw in the towel today on Day 4. That just seems so lame, but I’m not going to lie, today was a hard day for me.I did not accomplish anything house-wise. Hubs left for Utah this morning and I did not sleep well last night. Plus, we have some drama going on over our son’s eagle stuff which is causing me a lot of stress and a lot of my time and attention.

You know what I need? I need a good fluffing* project. Sadly, I simply can not do one right now. No time. No moneys and no energy? What’s a girl to do? Pinterest to the rescue. Let’s do some virtual fluffing. *(Read Suesan’s Hierarchy of Home Needs to understand what “fluff” means).

I’m really loving all the fabulous pumpkin projects out right now. I’ve seen several that I really want to try. While all of these projects are pinned to my Projects To Do board on Pinterest, I am linking to the actual blog and not Pinterest.

First up are these velvet pumpkins. I’ve been wanting to make these for a couple of years and haven’t managed to do it yet. I even saved the stem from my original Liberace Pumpkin but I ended up using it for a mustard yellow wool version of these pumpkins I made last year when I needed a gift for a friend.

These luscious velvet pumpkins were made by Pam from House of Hawthornes. I met Pam, a fellow Ohio blogger, a month or so ago when I made a trip to Columbus. We met up again at the Country Living Fair a few weeks back. I really enjoy Pam. She is an amazing woman and her blog is very fun to read.

I love Pam’s version of the velvet pumpkin because the fabric she used isn’t actually velvet. It’s crushed panne velvet and was only $2.49/yard. Did you know that premium velvet runs about $26/yard? Yikes! I love that Pam found a nice alternative. Fluffy and frugal. It’s doesn’t get better than that.

Another pumpkin project I’d love to try my hand out are Deb’s Glass Globe Pumpkins from Homeward Found Decor.

Glass globes are generally pretty easy to find at most thrift stores for a few bucks. Deb used foil shaped into a stem and wrapped with twine for the stems as well as the wooden thread spool wrapped with twine. So cute and also a very affordable project. I will be making these one day. Oh yes, I WILL!!!

Finally, another project I’m itching to make are these reclaimed wood pumpkins that Laura from Finding Home crafted.

These pumpkins are “totes adorb” as my darling daughter would say. Not me, ‘cuz I’m not hip like she is. See? I’m pretty sure it’s not even cool to say “hip” anymore, or “cool” for that matter. Next thing you know I’ll regress and call these pumpkins “totally tubular. Like, you know?” Okay, stopping now.

Anyhoo, look how awesome those pumpkins are on the front porch. Yes, you will need to use power tools, but a project like this is easy enough to do. A jigsaw is not my favorite tool, but mostly because I think I just have a crappy jigsaw. If you’re looking for an easy project to do as your foray into power tools, choose this one.

Not only are all these projects affordable, but they are all fairly easy to do. Each of them requires a different skill set, but they all are easy enough to do that even if you’ve never done something like this, you could manage to make these pumpkins.

Phew! Virtual fluffing works. I feel less stressed now.

Go take a look at these projects and when you do, feel free to check out Pam, Deb and Laura’s pages. Each of their blogs are brimming with all sorts of eye candy. You will be glad you did.

Which one is your favorite? Do you have a favorite pumpkin project you are itching to try? What awesome fall projects are you doing?