A Double Feature & A Big Girl Play Date

I’m thrilled to be featured today by the wonderful Carol from The Answer is Chocolate on her Blog Feature Friday.

The Answer Is Chocolate

Carol lives in the Pacific Northwest, which is where I grew up. I love her blog and if you haven’t been by, be sure to check out her great blog.

Also, the lovely Miss Beckie from Knock Off Décor (and Infarrantly Creative) featured my Roadside Rescued Shelf.

Thank You, Carol & Beckie, for the shining the spotlight on me and my projects today.

Speaking of spotlight, last weekend I got to play with two of the most adorable girls in the world. Sarah and Ashleigh, the talented girls behind, Sincerely by Ashleigh & Sarah, came to visit me.

Sincerely by Ashleigh & Sarah

We worked on a tufting project together and we’ll have a post about that soon. They are as talented as they are beautiful. Check out these pictures they took of some of my projects.

My copperized chalk globe looks so pretty! The lovebirds and scale I found from a super-scary house, but it was worth the potential risk to life and limb for the treasures I scored there. You can read about my adventure here.

 I made the moss-covered ball there by gluing some moss on a slightly deformed Styrofoam ball I had left over from a long-ago project.

As if I didn’t need a reminder about how badly I need an actual camera and not a cell phone for shooting pictures, look how amazing they made my comic book wreath clock look?

I can’t even bear to put my picture up for a comparison next to their beautiful photograph. You’ll have to go look at the post. Their picture made me fall in love with this project again.

One thing I haven’t posted about is my silver platter wall, but only because there was no way for me to get a good picture in this space. There’s no source of natural light, but that didn’t stop Miss Sarah one little bit.

I actually have several more platters to add to this area. The platters are painted in the leftover chalkboard paint I had from the globe project. I love the tin and silver platters together. You’ll have to wait until I move (late summer/early fall) to see the final reveal on this project.

They have many more pictures to send me, including ones of the cane back chairs I did but have yet to really post about…mostly because my pictures were bad. I’m so excited to finally share that project with you.

I truly loved getting to spend time with Ashleigh in Sarah. If I could sum them up in one word, it would be “Delightful.”

 Go check out their delightful blog. Sarah designs a free printable calendar for each month and Ashleigh is becoming a furniture restorer extraordinaire! Both Sarah and Ashleigh are graphic design students and they’re going to help me redesign my blog. I can’t wait to see their ideas. Did I mention how talented they are?

Thanks for playing with me, girls. I can’t wait for our next project.


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