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Aged Silver Finish

Aged Silver Finish

I want to show you how I created an aged silver finish for my cane back chairs that I refinished.


Here’s what the finish looks like up close:



To achieve this look, I first painted the chairs with some left-over Behr Premium Plus Ultra (paint and primer in one) in Gulf Winds that I had from another project.

Picture 061

If you want to know how to replace cane webbing, I tell you how to get started and then Miss Mustard Seed did my feature on how to replace cane webbing.

When I glaze a piece of furniture, I like to use a brush for the paint, instead of spray paint. That goes doubly for a piece that doesn’t have a lot of details. By using a brush, your brush strokes become areas for the glaze to sink into, and you end up with a more natural looking glazed finish.

Since I wanted the chairs to be silver, I had to use spray paint. That’s okay, though, because the spray paint over the brushed primer coat is still going to give me the definition I want.

I used Krylon’s Metallic Brilliant Silver for the chairs. I like how my reflection shows in the lid. Awesome.


I sprayed several light coats on the chairs, which gave them a nice, shiny finish. It’s hard to get the sheen with my camera, but they really are more silver than gray, as they look here.



Next, I used my Valspar Antiquing Glaze.


On the first chair, I slathered it on and wiped it back off.



It took several layers of doing this to get the look I wanted.

At first, it looked like this:


I didn’t really care for the look. I brushed out the areas, rubbed more on, wiped more off, until I got the look I liked.

Since I was doing the post for Miss Mustard Seed, I wanted a before and after shot of the chairs, so I worked quickly to get one chair completed. I then got sidetracked by my foot surgery, so it was awhile before I worked on chair number two.

When I got back up and moving again, I forgot what I did the first time, decided to try another method . I used a dry brush technique which really gave me the aged patina I was going for, without all the painting on and wiping off that I did on the first chair.

 To dry brush, dip the brush into the glaze and then dabbed it back off on the sides of the bowl or on a piece of paper. You want your brush to be “dry.” I never had more than this amount on the brush.


You really just want to be very light with the application. Short strokes, in a back and forth motion was all it took. It sure beats all the painting on and wiping back off.


I applied a couple of coats of clear Minwax Paste Furniture Wax. I like to apply the wax with an old brush to get an even coat. Once it dried to a dull finish, I buffed out the wax until it had a nice shine.

We’re ready for our close-up!

Picture 064




I plan on using this same paint technique on my piano! It’s quickly moving up my To Do list.

Tell me, does it look like aged silver to you?

Cost Breakdown:

  • Behr Paint Sample – Stash on Hand
  • Krylon Metallic Spray Paint – $3.00 (1.5 Cans – Had 1 Can in Stash)
  • Valspar Antiquing Glaze – Stash on Hand
  • Minwax Paste Furniture Wax – Stash on Hand

Total Project Cost: $3.00

Total Project Time – About 5 hours with drying time


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  1. Hi. I went through almost all the steps and my piece looks great. I have a question though..I didn’t do the minwax furniture wax yet. I used a damp cloth on a portion of the top of my cabinet because there was sum dust on it and it smudged the glaze. This was more than 24 hours after I glazed it and it was dry to the touch. Am I doing something wrong? I’m wondering if putting the wax on will seal it or smudge it some more.

  2. What kind of furniture preparation did you do beforehand? If I have wood furniture with a finish on it, do I just have to sand it off? Does it need a primer?

  3. What kind of furniture preparation did you do beforehand? If I have wood furniture with a finish on it, do I just have to sand it off? Does it need a primer?

  4. I LOVE the chairs! I am definitely going to try this technique! Can you tell me the paint that you used… was it in a flat finish, or a satin?

  5. Such a great post!
    Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial.
    I have a chair and a half I wanted to paint
    and then reupholster for a client. I told her I
    could give the chair frame a platinum metallic finish.
    BUT I had no idea how I was going to do it!

    THANKS so much this information!


  6. I am so glad you thought to do this! I have two tea tables I purchased for the sole purpose of refinishing – just wasn’t sure what to do. I’m going to try this over the weekend and will let you know how they turn out. I will def. be linking back to this article!

  7. It is great tutorial.

    Hospitality furniture

  8. thank you, I have a old TV unit that I have been thinking of how to finish, I had decided I wanted Red on the inside and a silver finish on the outside…thank you so much…I was worried because my budget this month is tight and I have 12 projects…so if you were doing a TV unit that stands on 4 curvy legs and a big box, my guess is 2 cans of spray after I paint it,then the antique glaze one unit right. Then wax, inside will me ASCP I have on hand

  9. Hi Suesan…great tutorial…and I have mastered the antique glaze finish!

    But I am having a problem with sealing metallic spray paint (Rustoleom Aluminum)!! Every sealer I’ve tried so far has turned the silver metallic finish to a murky gray!! Ughhh!

    Any ideas/experience in this arena? I desparately need to finish several pieces…but I’m at a standstill! My next idea is a hand rubbed paste wax finish…but I don’t have high hopes that this will work! PLZZ help if u can!!


  10. Hi, thank you so much for the tutorial. I’m in lo e with the look. I have a hall table I would like to try this on. I’m using a silver gloss though that I’ve already bought. I’m just wondering does the wax act like a sealer? I’m not sure wether to spray with a varnish or sealer when finished? I’ve never heard of using wax before, its piqued my interest. X

  11. angelvalerio :

    I’ve been googling and can’t find where to get that particular antiquing glaze. Could you please let me know where you got it. Thanks!

    • Hi Angel,
      Valspar Antiquing Glaze is sold at Lowe’s in the paint aisle. There is a section with various glazes, but ask at the paint counter and they can point you in the right direction. Any dark glaze would work if you don’t have a Lowes near you. I have found that if you want a shiny finish, you will need to wax or use some other sealer with a shine to it. The glaze has a dull finish to it.

    • angelvalerio :

      Thanks so much. I didn’t see it on, but I will head on over to the store.

    • Yeah, it looks like they don’t sell it online, but the store should have it. A little bit should go a long way, so happy glazing!

  12. I just found this guide- what a great DIY! Thanks for sharing! I actually just transformed my sunburst mirror from bronze to antique silver as well. I used a flat black spray paint to dab on to create the antique look but I’ll have to try the Valspar antique glaze next time to compare how it turns out. We posted a DIY guide to achieving the look over at our blog. I just love how it turned out! I’m all about the antique silver look now!

  13. I’m so excited I’ve been wanting to try this technique and now you’ve shown me how. Thanks so much for the helpful instructions.

  14. Gorgeous!!!

    This is soooo perfect, I just won some Krylon paint, I have a chair that needs refinished…just need the glaze!
    Thanks for the inspiration Suesan, this is just what I was looking for!

  15. Hi Suesan!
    I have a small round side pedestal table that I spray painted with Krylon’s silver. Thought it would actually look smooth, like silver. NOT. So, it has sat there in the corner waiting for some help. I was gonna just paint it white. Thanks to your tutorial (which I Pinterested), I will make my table antiqued silver!
    It’s beautiful!
    Off to Lowe’s I go…later.
    HUGS and blessings to you!
    P.S. When I get up in the morning, I want Satan to wish I were asleep again, too! 😉

  16. I luv luv this. I have a cane back chair that is similar to yours. I’ve made my shopping list, off to Lowe’s I go!

  17. I love this! I will have to give it a shot! Also, love that you’re a fellow Ohio gal. Near Columbus?

  18. Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve bookmarked and will definitely be trying this later!

  19. I love this way this turned out! I’ve been wanting to paint my bed a silver color but I wasn’t fond of the really bright metallic (cheapy looking) but silver leafing was a little too pricey, but this looks wonderful. You did a fantastic job! 🙂

  20. That is such a cool idea! I love it! It makes me want to make on, sit on it an boss people around…it’s so royal! I have a little blog party called Simply Creative over at I’d love it if you linked this project up!!


  21. Great job! I’m so doing this!!lol

  22. Saving this to my favorites for future reference. Love this finish!

  23. I saw this on pinterest and it is an awesome tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to write that all out and explain with the pictures! I am about to try this on our dresser which has been sitting in transition for about 2 years! ha

  24. Can’t wait to try this tecnique. The chairs are soo gorgeous!! Thanks for linking up. We are featuring you!!

  25. Wow, when I saw the after picture on someone else’s blog I thought for sure the chair was from a magazine! Needless to say it turned out beautiful!

  26. I love those chairs! You did SUCH a great job! 🙂 My daughter and I will definitely have to try this out! I am a new follower and so excited to dig in to all of your great tips and ideas! xoxo

  27. Very pretty Suesan! I love a great tutorial.
    catching you this week,

  28. Awesome! I’ve been looking for a tutorial just like this because I have a lamp that I want to redo!

  29. your chair is simply AMAZING!! WELL DONE!!! i would love for you to link it up to my link party going on now!!

  30. Just found you from Dittle Dattle and love your blog! I’ve got a cane chair to finish and this may be something to consider. The depth you achieved in the finish is awesome 🙂

  31. Love it!! I just got into glazing, but haven’t attempted a metallic finish yet. Yours turned out great!!

  32. Love that finishing – looks beautiful. I’d love to try it too. Thanks so much for sharing your technique and even more importantly, your commentary about the two techniques 🙂

  33. Absolutely beautiful!! I have considered doing something like this to my bed (!) wasn’t quite sure how. Thank you for the tutorial…it’s given me some inspiration!!

  34. Love this. Working on a silver project as we speak and have been curious about the velspar glaze. Hope you will share at our link party on Sundays @

  35. I’ve been wondering how to do this! You are my new hero for showing me how.:)And I want to follow but it’s not letting me so I’ll have to blog stalk until it’ll let me. 🙂

  36. I LOVE this project, it looks beautiful and your step by step tutorial is so helpful. I’m your newest follower — love the posts but I’d follow you for the name of your blog alone!

  37. Thanks, Sandra. I’d love to see pictures when you’re done with your chair!

  38. P.S. I am your newest follower! 🙂

  39. What a great technique! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I have a cane back chair that I need to repurpose. I will definitely give this a try! Thanks for sharing!

  40. It’s beautiful, Suesan!

  41. Thanks for the tutorial! The chair looks amazing!

  42. This turned out so cool! I love the final result and thanks for the tip about dry brushing the glaze many things to learn and remember!

  43. The Sterling Cherub :

    These chairs turned out PERFECT! Love everything about them. I am your newest follower!



  44. Great job, and gorgeous chairs!

  45. Thanks for much for the fab tutorial. I’ve been wanting to paint somthing silver for a while. Also, I’m your newest follower.

    I also noticed that you have a feedburner feedcount. I would love to add that to my blog. How did you do that?

    If you have a minute check out my latest blog post. I used faux snakeskin wallpaper and nail head trim as a backsplash.

  46. I am a new follower via GFC. I found your blog from a fish who likes flowers and I love it! The chairs are beautiful – you did a great job. If you have time, please check mine out too!


  47. This chair looks fabulous! My daughter Alexandra likes things like this, in silver, she’s goingt to love this chair and make one she’s got! Thank you for sharing the tutorial too. I’m bookmarking it for my daughter. Lots of hugs. FABBY

  48. That is a gorgeous finish. I want to paint some pieces silver for my bedroom, I’m bookmarking this tutorial. Thanks s much for sharing this.

  49. Oh my gosh this turned out great! Awesome tutorial…I want to try this on some old frames I have. Thank you so very much!

    P.S. Found you via the wonderful I Naptime Sunday Link Party! 🙂

  50. I love how they turned out! I have never tried silver paint or the antiquing glaze but you have the wheels in my brain spinning trying to figure out what I can try this on!

  51. These turned out so beautiful!!!!! Valspar Antiquing Glaze is my favorite….have used it for sooooo much,but never over silver spray paint! Love!

  52. Gorgeous!!! Hope to see you at the Buckeye Bloggers get together.Happy weekend, Pam

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  54. I love it!! That looks fabulous. This post would be so great at my weekly blog party “from trash to treasure.” I hope you’ll join me!

  55. Great job. Glazing took those chairs from nice to outstanding. Thanks for the tips.

  56. $3 wow, that’s crazy. Love it.

    I am just reminding everyone about tonights link party that runs Friday evening through Mondays!
    I also have an ongoing give away link party now too.
    Hope to see you soon.
    come strut your stuff

  57. I know what you mean, Erin. I really wasn’t all that excited with the silver spray paint on the chairs, but once I added the glaze I fell in love.

  58. Ummm…FABULOUS!! I love the look of silver, but am never sure how to tone it down just a bit…now I know! I appreciate the step-by-step of your processes! Spectacular!

  59. Beautiful! I recently used silver leaf paint on a project and I love the look. Your chair has inspired me to try this on furniture. Thank you for sharing!

  60. Fabulous makeover, I love this look. Thanks for the tutorial. It’s nice to be able to see the glazed and unglazed look next to each other.

  61. What a great technique. Thank you for sharing this. I never thought to use the glaze on it and it looks terrific!

  62. Very pretty! I think it’s a great look.

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    OK. I am in love and looking around to see what I can apply this to in my house….oh I love this!!!!

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  75. LOVE this chair! There is a metallic paint at Hobby Lobby that comes in gold, platinum, chrome, and silver. The only problem is that it would take several containers to do that chair. I used it recently on a desk that I made for the hubs for Father’s Day, and then I antiqued over it with a dark wax.

    This is just gorgeous though and I may have to try it on one of the 3 chairs that are waiting for me to get started on them!

  76. Beautiful transformation! You did a great job here! I’m your fan and follower…hope to see you on my blog:)