From Sweater Vest to Pillow

 Remember this sweater vest from my recent Garage Sale Finds? What follows is a blatant blogland rip-off. I can’t remember where I saw this, but I liked it so I’m doing one for me.

Well, today I was looking for a quick and easy project. I took out my handy-dandy scissors and did this to it.
I didn’t actually use this part. I sewed the ends closed on the other part and then stuffed the pillow with some batting I luckily have been hauling around the country with me for the last 10 years had in my stash. Whew! Isn’t clever how I planned for this project 10 years ago?! It’s like I could see into my future and know that I would have need of an extra bag or 3 of batting for a future craft emergency.
I drew upon my 10th grade home-ec skills and applied the ol’ blind stitch to close up the pillow.
I took some of the large sequins from the part I cut off and filled in on the top where I sewed the pillow shut. Here’s my latest bit of Frouf for my house. Here she is, Blinging up Grandma Bourne’s rocking chair. 
I also gave it a whirl on the sofa. I can’t decide where I like it best. If I leave it on the sofa, chances are the Fur Child will add his own furry touches to it. It may go back on the rocking chair.
Cost Breakdown:
Sweater Vest – $.50 
Batting – Free
Thread – Free
Total Project Cost – $.50
Total Time: 30 minutes
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