Mirror Shelf

If’ you’ve read about me on my page here, or already know me, you know that I’ve moved a lot. Most moves come with a few casualties, like the time our silverware went missing for nearly 6 months. Or some thing or another doesn’t make it on the truck. Or when all my house plants were killed in the -20 degree overnight stay in Rawlins, Wyoming. Most of our casualties have been small and cheaply easily fixed, but this last move, we had some things break that were not so easily fixed or replaced. Like the antique mirror from my Mother-in-law’s house that cracked. I’ll show you how I salvaged that in another post.

My little mirror shelf was another victim of this move. I bought the shelf when I lived in Boise and my Mom and I went out garage saling one day. Mom came away with a ton, but I just had the $4 shelf. Hubs never liked the shelf and the fact that it sat in our garage the whole time we were in Idaho didn’t help. A piece of the frame around the mirror needed re-gluing and since I never really had a good spot for the shelf, this remained buried under a ton of crap in the garage an unfinished project of mine.

Then we moved to Utah and I had the perfect spot for it. A little glue, some clamps, a little putty, some repainting,  some resanding to keep the distressed look and my shelf was back in business. Then we moved again. Sigh. 

Even though the mirror self was wrapped well, the shifting in the van broke the mirror and some of the frame. I found a local glass shop that cut a new mirror for $7.00. More gluing, hello clamps – we meet again, sanding and some more painting. Since one of the things Hubs didn’t like about this shelf was that it looked cheap, I thought a new color and paint job might help him change his mind.

I wish I could find my before picture, but sadly, it has gone missing. Oh, and before I forget, here’s a sneak preview of what I’m doing with the broken mirror.

Yes, that’s a bowling ball and yes, I’m making my own personal disco ball! Squee! Donna Summer – Be Jealous! Oh, but I digress…

 After reading so much about Antique White here in Blogville, I wanted to use that color. Easier said than done, Sister. After an exhaustive search of the town’s stores, I finally gave up and went with Valspar’s Porcelain. Mid-project, I stumbled upon the Antique White at the Mother Ship (read: Hobby Lobby) and bought some. Imagine my surprise when I discovered there was no discernible difference between the two colors! 

Here’s the drawer before I Froufed it up

Here it is with a whole lot of Froufing goin’ on.

How cute is that? I love the pop of color. As an added bonus, it turns out that Hubs does too! The much-hated shelf is no longer hated. We put it in our entry above my Fish Tank Stand table. They fit together nicely and I have a place to make sure I’ve combed my hair I look presentable before answering the door. Hey, when you work at home, hair combing is optional.

Here’s some more pictures.

You can find the tutorial on the candle globe here.

Sorry about the blurry fade on the bottom of the picture. There’s only so much you can do with a cell phone camera. So as to not leave you hanging, here’s some better shots of the Fish Tank Stand.

One more for the road.

Cost Breakdown:
Glass Shelf – $4.00
Spray Paint – $8.93 (but only because I bought both colors)
Accent Paint – $1.97
Mirror – $7.00
Total Project Cost – $21.90 
(one of my most expensive to date)
Total Time – 3 hours but most of that time was letting the paint dry.

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