Old lamps have new life

I saw that the CSI project for this week is spray paint. Since becoming a blog follower, I have discovered the joy to be found in a can. Yes, I’m talking about you, Krylon. The joy you distribute in a can marked Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Oh, how I love you.
I’ve had these two lamps packed away in a box for a few years now. They come from Grandma Bourne’s house.
Doesn’t it look like the Pixar lamp’s Grandpa? I believe these are pig iron lamps but I could be wrong. Here’s the other one.

I know a lot of you gals like the rusty look, and I enjoy it’s appeal too. However, I have a long way to go before I’m ready to enjoy that look indoors. These two little beauties needs some Froufin’ Up!
Hello Lover. How have you been?
Here’s the final product.
I still need to rewire the taller lamp, but for now they’ll join the blue frame on top of my piano. 
Thanks, CSI for spurring me on.
Cost Breakdown:
Lamps – Free
Spray Paint – Free (but I need to replenish my supply as I just used up the last of it)
Total Project Cost: FREE
Total Time: 20 minutes actual work, 2 hours waiting for paint to dry
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