Kitchen Progress – Nearly Done

Kitchen Progress – Nearly Done

So, life happened again. It seems to do that to me on a fairly regular basis. When the last I left you, I was in the midst of a painting hell known to few people. A LOT has happened since then. Here’s some of the things that have happened.

  • My  kitchen got painted, as did the dining room, hallway, stairs and trim work. Although, everything but the kitchen needs a second or third coat of paint.
  • My downstairs bathroom got ripped to shreds and rebuilt (sort of) and the upstairs bathroom got partially rearranged and put back together. Partially is the key word here.
  • Ryley, my daughter, came home from her 18-month mission for our church. She and I got to play with my sister, Nancy (left), a few days after Ryley got home.

Nancy Ryley and Suesan

  • Sam (my youngest) was in the play, Cinderella. He was the King.
  • Noah, had his Eagle court of honor and graduated from high school.

Noah Graduation

  • I unpacked all the boxes still in our house, sorted through them, pitched half the stuff and repacked them for our move to Utah.
  • We packed up all the stuff we could fit into the moving van.
  • I drove across the country with Ryley and Sam, two hours after Noah’s graduation, in a marathon 2-and-a-half-day sprint. Three hours from our new home, the engine conked out on our car which led to a late-night rescue by my brother-in-law, followed by another trip to retrieve the car a few days later using a borrowed truck from one neighbor and a borrowed car hauler from our new landlord.

Car photo

  • We finally got all of our stuff to our new house, but we are far from moved in. We have what I like to call, Box City residing in our garage.
  • I’m leaving in a week to go back to Ohio to finish up all the remaining projects and get our house on the market.
  • I head to Haven blog conference in one month. I’ve got a lot to get done by then.

With all that was going on, things were usually too chaotic to take any beauty shots but I have a few to share with you.

    I got the ceiling painted, although the final color was just a touch or two lighter than I wanted, I was fine with it. Mostly the light during the day is too bright in the kitchen to see that it’s a shade of the blue, but at night it’s more noticeable.

Ceiling Painted with Valspar Glass Tile

I finished painting all the cupboards. The lower cupboards were painted four times; once with primer and three coats with paint.

Kitchen Sink Wall with Exposed Brick and Painted Cupboards

The color is Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams. I love the dark color, but it does show dirt rather quickly, especially in a home where remodeling sawdust and dirt is flying fast and furious.

Base Cabinets Painted in Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

The upper cabinets only needed three coats of paint. The difference was using a tinted primer, so if you plan to paint your cupboards in any color other than white, go for a tinted primer. #ThankMeLater

Upper Cabinets Painted in Sherwin Williams Passive

Sorry for the grainy pictures. These are just the snaps I could find from my phone. I really didn’t break out my nice camera for them.

I finished my built in garbage can/microwave stand/dog feeding station.

Microwave Stand built in Garbage Can

Turns out, my dog is a complete slob when he eats, so it didn’t remain a dog feeding station for long. The garbage can works like a dream, after I tweaked it several times, and the microwave is staying with the house since we have one in our new home so that part is still functional. It ended up being a pain to build, but I’m glad I pushed through. I think it fit in well with the rest of the kitchen. For less than $50 in parts, it was a good addition to the kitchen.

That’s all the pictures I have. I will take some shots in a week or two when I get back to Ohio. I’ve got a LOT of work ahead of me, including finishing both bathrooms, installing flooring in the living room and a LOT of painting to do, not to mention the yard work that needs to be tackled. On the plus side, I can do the work without stopping to take care of people and that will help the work move right along.

However, I suspect that after three weeks on my own, I may be overly chatty with the other Haven attendees. You have been warned.