A Little Old, A Little New Christmas Wreath

I’m having a blue Christmas.
Well, in a way, that is. While I am missing my Baby Girl right now and can’t wait for her to come home from school and play with me, I’m only partly doing the Elvis thing.
I love how Martina crashed Elvis’ party there! You go, Girl.
My Blue Christmas isn’t about missing my kiddos. Although, I do. And I wished they’d hurry up and come see me. (Seven months apart is too long, BG!) 
Of course, when they do, they’ll be greeted by my latest creation.

 The wreath is a little old, a little new, quite a bit o’ red and a pop of blue. I was going to use an old grapevine wreath that I inherited several houses ago. I guess it didn’t make the cut for the moving van, so I spent $3 for a new one. The bow is from some outdoor displays that I’ve been doing the last four years. 
If you notice the main ribbon says “HO Ho ho” on it. But the first time I put it up, one of my kids thought it said, “OH, oH, oh” on it and that I was declaring our love for Ohio State. Works for me, just not, you know, my original goal. 
Go Buckeyes!
I love cardinals. The first time I ever saw them was when we moved to Ohio. I’m sorry, my western friends, that you don’t get to enjoy these beautiful birds. 
Here’s one of my favorite pictures. It’s my computer background, in fact.
I digress. I was showing you my wreath. I love the light blue/teal/aqua/whatever-name-you-call-it color paired with red. Have you seen my dresser redo? It’s a favorite color combo of mine AND shows my love of birds.  
Be sure to check it out and tell me what you think…after you finish this post, of course!
The silver twirlies, the big pine cones up top and bead things were also from my old display. The cardinal picks, the red berries and the froufy ornaments I bought this year. I also bought a can of snow spray to dust all the pieces. I hot glued down the ornaments, the bow tails and the cut berry stems. Everything else I slid into the grapevine wreath between the branches.
Sigh…I’m a happy girl. Pretty colors, nature meets glam wreath.
Cost Breakdown:
Grapevine Wreath – $3.14
Cardinal Picks – $6.47
Berry Picks – $3.74 ([email protected]$1.87/each)
Snow Spray – $1.87
Ornaments – $2.00 ($1 for pack of 4)
Ribbon, large cones, silver berry picks and silver twirlies – Stash on hand
Total Project Cost – $17.22
Total Project Time – 30 minutes

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