Welcome To My New Blogging Home

Welcome To My New Blogging Home

Welcome, Friends. If you’ve made it over to my new site from Blogger, take a look around.

I designed a new header. My daughter designed my last header and as much as I loved it, I was ready for a change. Since she is serving a mission for our church and wasn’t around to help me out this time, I tried to channel some of her designs with some of my own preferences. I’m excited about the new header and really like how it turned out.

I kept the same colors because I really like them. I also kept all the social media buttons she designed for me. It’s a little her and a little me.

Frou Frugal WordPress Blog Header

I’ve made some other changes to the blog and have more on the way. On my projects page you will find a different look. I’m using thumbnail sliders to show off my different projects.




There has been a HUGE learning curve for me on this blog thing, but I finally feel like I’ve got the major kinks worked out.

In other non-bloggy news, if you read my last post, you may recall that I was nervous about Katie moving back in with us and if I was ready for that to happen.

Oddly, as soon as I hit the “Publish” button on that post, I felt at peace and ready for her to come back. She transitioned right back into our home and her programs and she seems happy. This past weekend we built a swing set as a family for her.

Hubs wanted the swing set to be higher than the plans called for, so he bought 10′ posts instead of 8 footers. This is why the swing I’m standing behind is so tall. We still need to make a run to the hardware store and pick up some more chain.

Family Life Swing Set

I’ve made a bit of progress in the kitchen. I finally finished all the board and batten sections. This is the spot where I have an open wire shelf right now.

Kitchen Board and Batten Progress

You can also see the spot under the glass cabinet that I finally finished. Excuse the iPhone pic, but I was just trying to grab a quick shot of what I was working on. I won’t do a batten on the rest of that chimney stack. It would stick out from the wall and look weird, so I think it’s better to just leave it off. It won’t be that noticeable. That spot is at a weird angle so you’d have to really look to see that there was a piece missing.

Kitchen Cupboard Progress

As you can see, I’ve changed my cupboard plan a bit.

I found this picture and I knew that I wanted to do that to my cupboards, but with simpler molding. Our ceilings are not even a full 8′ tall and there is so little space above our cabinets and it just sucks up light. I figured if we fill it in, the whole kitchen will look brighter.

   Traditional Kitchen design by Charlotte Design-buildAdvanced Renovations, Inc.

I’ve got a good start on it but cutting wood on hot, muggy days in Ohio is no joke. It’s a messy job and I get seriously hot and sweaty doing it. I’m determined to finish it this week. In fact, as soon as I hit publish on this post I’m changing out of my jammies and getting to work.

In other exciting news, I finally have a plan for the kitchen colors and I can’t wait to show you. I think it’s going to be awesome.

Feel free to follow along however you wish. There are follow buttons all over the place. Be sure to update your readers so you don’t miss any posts from here on out. If you want to get my posts emailed to you, there’s a link at the bottom where you can sign up.

What do you think of the new site? Is everything working for you? What do you think of the design? I’d love to hear any thoughts you have to share.