Here are some sites that like what I’ve done. 

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Creatively Living Photobucket 
HOG  Beyond The Picket Fence  

  I'm a GeniusPhotobucket

       Positively Splendid    Boogieboard Cottage

Decorating InsanityPhotobucket

   Photobucket   Photobucket

A Crafty Soiree 

They are talking about me at CraftGossip.com
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PhotobucketBeyond The Picket Fence
The DIY Show OffFeatured Button
Featured ButtonBeyond The Picket Fence
PhotobucketCrafts & SutchPhotobucket
Organize and Decorate EverythingAs seen on CraftGossip.com
As seen on CraftGossip.comI was featured on FJI
UndertheTableandDreamingHOGCrafts & Sutch

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