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Hi. My name is Suesan,  pronounced “Susan,” and I live in Lexington, Ohio. We moved back to Ohio from the West back in January of this year. I’ve actually moved quite a bit as you can see on this map. Most of the moves have been due to Hubs occupation. As a newspaper editor, in order to move up,  you usually have to move to another paper. The last year the moves weren’t about moving up so much as they were about having a job. Newspapers have been hard hit by our economy and we count ourselves lucky that Hubs is still a working journalist.
 I’ve been married to Hubs for the last 25 years. We met at Brigham Young University back in the late ’80s. It was Hubs first year there after graduating from Ricks and it was my third year. We met at the beginningof  the school year and three long, Long, LOONNNGGG, okay, who am I kidding? It’s one of those stories you love to hate. We met and were engaged 3 weeks later. YiKeS! I know. It’s kind of gross. Trust me, we were the most surprised and grossed out of everyone, but whatareyougonnado? We met, we Fell. In. Love. and that was it. We did wait 6 months to get married (which seemed like a long time) and we’ve been together ever since.

Hubs and I have four kids. Our oldest, Man Child is now 24, which is weird since I’m only 30ish. He lives about an hour away from us and is getting ready to start college in the Fall. He’s not yet felt a desire to serve a mission, but I’m holding out hope that inspiration will shine it’s purdy little head here one of these days. Man Child is smart, Tall (6’7″!!!), funny, personable and is usually the life of the party. It’s a strange thing learning how to parent adult children, but we’re giving it our best shot.

The Daja is our only girl. She is also called Baby Girl and I Love Her To Death. She’s gorgeous and funny and creative and smart and happy and musical and just a joy to be with–except for when she’s not. Then it’s best just to leave the building. When we moved back to Ohio, Baby Girl decided to stay in Utah and since she’s 22 and all graduated and everything, there wasn’t much I could do except for miss her like mad. I didn’t realize what a good buffer she was for all the boyness in my house until she wasn’t here and it’s been a real eye-opener to be the only female on the premises.

Buddy is my oldest at home. He’s 14 and starting high school this year. He’s tall, too, 6’1″ and growing, but I think he’ll end up somewhere around 6’4″. Like all my children, Buddy is smart…very smart and it’s hard to find ways to entertain a kid who’s brain works the way his does. When he was a toddler, Buddy taught me about the necessity of child-proofing my home. He’s very mechanical and although he’s built like a linebacker, he’s a lover, not a fighter, and the only action he’ll get on the gridiron this year will be playing trumpet for the Band of Gold, our high school competition marching band. He loves camping with his Dad and hanging out with his brother and every day he does something or says something that reminds me of my dad or my brother. It’s very strange since he’s rarely been around either one.

Kiddo is my baby. It’s getting harder and harder to remind myself of that fact when I’m staring up at him. In fact, I’m thinking of changing his name to Weed because that’s what he’s growing like these days. He’s 12  years old and at 5’9″, he’s grown 3/4th  of an inch in one month. The doctor assures me that this is not possible, but the notches on my door frame assure me that it is. Kiddo is one of the most kind, loving and easy-going kids I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He’s one of those people that truly wants to do the right thing and works hard to do it. He, too, is smart and it’s hard to know what goes on in that giant brain of his because he personifies the phrase, “still waters run deep.”

While that is more about my family then about me, I should also tell you we own a Fur Child. His name is Brutus the Buckeye Beagle. I call him Doofus. He’s really a boy’s dog and we tolerate each other, but just barely. The doggy love of my life was put down a few years back and I’m still mourning her loss.

I have been crafting different things for years. I’m one of those people that has a lot of different talents. I used to feel guilty about that, like I hogged all the talents in Heaven or something. I’m over it. I recognize that the gifts I have come from my Heavenly Father and He gave them to me for a purpose and I intend to find out what that is. Mostly, I love creating, no matter what form it takes. More often than not, I’m using my talents for someone else and Hubs is often perplexed that I will spend hours making something and then give it away.
I’ve remodeled many houses over the years, and I have quite the resume of things I’ve done. It’s easier to say I’ve never installed carpet on my own or done my own vinyl sheet flooring (although Hubs has done that). Everything else in the remodeling world, though, I’ve probably done. When I’m not remodeling, I’ve made heirloom blessing gowns, crocheted a lot of baby blankets and purses, made some jewelry, sewn a few quilts, knitted some hats, drawn a picture or two, baked some scrumptious cakes and other delicious food, made hundreds of cards and a whole lot of this and that. These days, I’m all over the place craft-wise, but mostly I’m focused on creating a house and home that is filled with things I love. I’m trying to create a home that reflects the values of our family and is comfortable, fun and welcoming.

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  • I found your page while looking at blessing gowns. I make and donate burial layettes from donated wedding dresses. I just want to say the gown you made your great niece is beautiful!!!!!!

  • Found 3 how to Silhouette tutorials on You Tube – EXCELLENT. Have you thought of doing more? Would appreciate finding them.
    Thank you,

  • The marbles around a candle is a neat idea, but I just wonder if you know you have some very valuable marbles in the mix? Look up German Handmade Latticino Swirl on ebay for example.

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