Putty-ing Around

Putty-ing Around

31 days

I will not say die on day three, but this post will be short because life is way too complicated today for anything else.

If you saw my Day 1 post, you may recall a long list of To Do’s that I have lined up for this month. Here’s a refresher, just in case you didn’t see that post.

  1. Finish epoxy sealing the counters
  2. Water seal the brick wall
  3. Replace missing bricks in kitchen wall
  4. Grout behind sink
  5. Fill 10 bajillionty holes with wood putty in board and batten in kitchen.
  6. Caulk my life away in the kitchen
  7. Patch walls in kitchen
  8. Cut plywood for kitchen ceiling planks
  9. Remove ceiling fan in kitchen and replace light
  10. Hang light above kitchen sink
  11. Remove cupboard door hardware and fill holes
  12. Fill holes and prep cupboards for paint
  13. Find paint color for lower cupboards
  14. Prime board and batten
  15. Fill crack along stair runner
  16. Caulk stairs
  17. Prime stairs
  18. Paint stairs
  19. Install pad for stairs
  20. Install stair runner

I have been working on item number 5. This project will be an ongoing one through the month as I can only handle so much puttying at one time.

Board and Batten with Putty

When I framed out my windows in the kitchen, I added a second layer of trim to make the board and batten not stick out and seem funky. I probably should have used 1/4″ mdf, but our home stores only sold 3/4″. The old frames were just 4″ boards and since that is the size I originally cut my battens, I just used them around the windows.

Window Detail - Before Putty

While most of these new frames match up pretty closely, there are just slight variations that would really stand out once they are painted. I’m puttying along the sides to try and even out the differences and cover that line where the two pieces meet. I think this will make for a cleaner look.

Window Putty Detail

I did this section a few days ago and have already done a first sanding on it. I need to go over it one more time before I can call it good.

Some of the boards have little nail heads that didn’t go all the way in. I was nailing these battens into 1/4″ plywood over a brick wall. For some reason, my 2″ nail gun occasionally does a bendy nail which means I have to break off the part that is sticking out and then sink and sharp edge that remains into the MDF. You know I have all the fun right? #YouWishYouCouldBeMe

This is an inch-by-inch project.  It doesn’t make for exciting posts, but there is a lot of steps in DIY that are nothing more than just plain, old tedious work.

Board and Batten Putty Detail

Whenever I have projects like this, I find that listening to music makes it less hateful. I have been listening to the YMCA station on Pandora lately, along with the Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Mumford and Sons, Maroon 5 and Queen stations. I’m nothing if not eclectic, folks. #DontPutBabyInACorner

Tomorrow I will sand down what I puttied today and then try to putty the rest of the window wall. I will also putty the last two stairs tomorrow so I can get cracking on the priming phase of the stairs.  I have a lot of caulking in my immediate future, but I will wait until I get a coat of primer on before I caulk. It’s often times easier to see what needs to be filled and caulked when everything is the same color.

Okay, there you have it. Day 3. I’m on a roll. Woo Hoo! Am I the only one who needs a soundtrack to get through tedious projects? What do you listen to? Do you have an evil project you have to do but have been putting off because it’s hard to get excited about? If so, I’d love to hear what it is? And if you do, go set a timer for 20 minutes and see if you can make any progress on it. You may find it’s not as horrible as you imagine.

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