31 Days or Bust

31 Days or Bust

Do you ever get a wild idea and decide to run with it, even though all evidence shows that maybe this might not be something up your alley?

Well, I do. Which is why I am joining The Nester’s 31 Day Challenge.

Welcome 31 Days

I have seen fellow bloggers join up each year and every year I think, I should have done that. So this year I’m going to give it a shot. I know that this will be a stretch. A BIG stretch considering I haven’t written 31 posts in the last year. But I need a challenge, something to help me focus and make me feel productive.

If you saw my post about Those Easterly Winds of change that like to blow through my life every few months, you will know that I’m facing a move in 9 months. With a job change this month, there isn’t a lot of money for me to do the projects I really want to do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of projects that I can do.

Some of them are a bunch of unfuns. You know what I’m talking about. All those irritating projects that HAVE to be done before you can do the projects you really want to do. I have a bunch of those in the kitchen. I also started working on my stairs so my stairs. Between the kitchen and the stairs, I have several projects to work on:

  1. Finish epoxy sealing the counters
  2. Water seal the brick wall
  3. Replace missing bricks in kitchen wall
  4. Grout behind sink
  5. Fill 10 bajillionty holes with wood putty in board and batten in kitchen.
  6. Caulk my life away in the kitchen
  7. Patch walls in kitchen
  8. Cut plywood for kitchen ceiling planks
  9. Remove ceiling fan in kitchen and replace light
  10. Hang light above kitchen sink
  11. Remove cupboard door hardware and fill holes
  12. Fill holes and prep cupboards for paint
  13. Find paint color for lower cupboards
  14. Prime board and batten
  15. Fill crack along stair runner
  16. Caulk stairs
  17. Prime stairs
  18. Paint stairs
  19. Install pad for stairs
  20. Install stair runner

The fun part about this list is that I actually own all the supplies and materials to do all of the above jobs. I may have to buy some more epoxy, but other than that, I think I’m good. Since our budget this month has zero room for home expenses, I am going to crack the whip on myself and start checking items of my list.

I also have developed a theory of home needs that I will share with you tomorrow. It will help explain some of my thoughts on how to prioritize the work on your home.

At any rate, we will see how I do. Anyone want to wager if I’ll actually be able to write every day this month? Ha! That’s a sucker’s bet. Don’t do it. I don’t actually have a huge commitment level at this point. What can I say? I’m a work in progress, people. I like the motivation of this project, so I’ll go for it and see how things turn out.

I’ve still got some things on my To Do list that are not my own, like helping make sure my son gets all his Eagle Project stuff finished up and getting my husband out the door to Utah. Katie is going to Utah for 2 weeks so I will have some free time to work on some of these things.

Wish me luck!