Package Pals, Bedroom Makeover Update & A Crush

I’ve been silent. It’s bad form of me, I know. I don’t mean to be, but sometimes, life just gets in the way, yaknowwhatImean?

I’m leaving on Saturday for Utah and Las Vegas and words can not adequately describe how desperately I need this break. My mom and four of my five sisters are meeting me in Vegas for the first, ever SisterPalooza event. We will have 3 days together of magic show, aquariums, wigs, sky diving and some sisterly shenanigans.

Cancun Resort Pool

Oh. My. Hot Tub, Bat Girl. Have I mentioned how badly I need this? No? Let me just say it then. I NEED this trip. I miss my sisters and my mom and I need a break like no one’s business. I wish I’d had the forethought to see if any Vegas bloggers wanted to meet up while I’m out there. I do have a couple hours free time and would have loved to meet up with some people.

On another front, Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. hosted a Package Pals exchange in February and I was matched up with the lovely Danni from Silo Hill Farm. Danni and I have lots in common, including the fact that we both have 5 sisters and one brother. Oh, and we’re both craft ‘hos – you know, willing to do any craft that comes down the turnpike. Weird, huh?

Danni sent me some fun stuff:  the vintage stars and key, an Ann Traitner magnet for my fridge as well as a lovely picture frame magnet. That ceramic bunny would have Sherry from YHL super jealous if she had any clue who I was!


I love them all and I am excited to find a way to use these in my home! Since Danni has a pumpkin farm, I made a couple of pumpkins for her. I did a Pipe Strapping Pumpkin of both galvanized steel and copper strapping.


I also made her a pumpkin from some wool I had left over from the Daja’s coat that I made this winter. Did I ever show you coat? No? I think I forgot to do that. Here’s Baby Girl showing off her coat.


She’s so cute. Oh, but we were talking about the pumpkin.


The stem on the pumpkin is from my original Liberace pumpkin. After that pumpkin went to the Great Pumpkin Patch in the Sky, I saved the stem for just the right project. Looks like I finally found that project.

I also sent her a set of my chalkboard vinyl dinner menu and picture frame for her fridge.


In case you’re wondering, Betty is actually Chicken Pot Pie. When the kids were little they asked what it was. It was something I made up and so a dinner table brainstorming session to Name the Meal ensued. Betty is an acronym that stood for Best Ever Tasting Turkey Yum. Obviously, the original version was turkey, but it has since morphed to chicken, however, the name remains.

I also threw in a stamped domino from my stamping days. Originally, this was a pin but I removed the pin backing and glued on a strong magnet.


I don’t really remember what else I threw in there. I think some fibers and a package of some German glass glitter and some miscellaneous crafting supplies. Oh, and a little medicinal chocolate (read: Dove Dark Chocolate Squares).

As for my promised bedroom update, well…things are not progressing fast enough for my liking. I have made progress on the light situation, but have yet to finish.


I bought these lights that were a wonky faux bronze finish. Since they are going against a wood wall, I decided an aged silver finish was in order. The one on the right is still not finished. There was a paint drip that needed to be sanded out and repainted. The one on the left now has a protective sealer coat on it and is ready for rewiring. Our weather is freezing and snowing one day, warm and windy the next. It’s hard to find a window of opportunity for spray painting.

As for the bedding, let’s just say it’s been a learning experience.


Since this is a quilt and not a duvet, it’s been a challenge to create. I have learned the hard lesson that it is imperative to baste the layers together, then bind the edges. I will fix it when I get back from my trip. The time away from this project will do me good. Trust me. We need our space right now.

Finally, I wanted to share my latest crush. Have you seen this new show?

So good. Katherine McPhee’s cover of Adele’s Rumor Has It is my favorite scene. It’s so fun. That song has been stuck in my head for over a week. I have been listening to Adele’s version, but the dance they do in the episode is so awesome. I’m physically incapable of remaining still when I hear that song.

Smash is Glee for grown-ups. Debra Messing and Anjelica Houston are amazing but Debra Messing’s character is about to cheat on her husband and needs a smack upside the head. Plot lines not withstanding, it’s a great show and I’m anxiously awaiting the next episode.

There you have it, Gals. I’m off to get my hair done and pack for my trip. If you’re in Las Vegas and want to meet up, leave me a comment and I’ll see if we can make it work.

Oh, and be jealous. This girl? Yeah, it’s the fabulous Miss Mandi for Tidbits From the Tremaynes.

We became blogging buddies when I started stalking her, er, I mean following her blog. We plan to meet up next week during the Utah portion of my trip.

Have I mentioned how ready I am for a trip?


PS: My ring that I mentioned in this post is done! I posted pictures on my Facebook page, but here it is.


It turned out exactly how I imagined it. I still can’t believe Hubs spoiled me with this. Is that man amazing, or what?! I’m a lucky girl.

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