[email protected] 2012 Ticket Giveaway

My sister, Valerie, called me today to find out my schedule for being in Utah next month. I’m heading out there to take my sister-in-law, Katie, back to stay with her other brother for a few months. It’s my break from being a full-time caregiver. I’m very ready for it.

Valerie just so happens to be an up-and-coming Genealogy Rock Star who writes the blog, Family Cherished.

 Family Cherished 

Valerie is the second from the right in this maternal line array. Her daughter is on the end. I keep meaning to do this photo array with me and Rye in it. I sure do come from some pretty stock!

Valerie happens to be handling the PR for the [email protected] 2012 conference being held in Salt Lake City on March 9-10, 2012. She had an extra pass for the conference and thought I might be interested in it. I would love to attend this conference, but my plane comes in a day late. Story of my life, actually.

At any rate, Valerie agreed to let me give away the conference pass to one of my readers! Sweet, huh?

Have you heard of this conference? [email protected] 2012 is “workshops and performances by award-winning storytellers, performers and speakers, will help you explore ways to use the power of story in your home. You’ll be able to record your own story, start on some research to learn more about your family’s history, get started on a blog and learn how to tell your story through social media.”

Some of the folks that will be presenting are: Rachael Herrscher, co-founder of evo Conference and founder of the TodaysMama.com; Tauni Everett, founder of SNAP! Conference and author of It’s a Tradition; Rustin Banks of BlogFrog fame and C. Jane Kendricks of C.Jane Enjoy It!. So many great presenters, and I didn’t even mention all the professional story-tellers that will be there.

The conference actually has three different tracks: blogging, storytelling and family history. There’s something for everyone! It’s a $79 value for one of my readers. The conference pass does not include your meal, but word on the street is that the gift bags have discount tickets for meals in them.

If you want a chance to win, it’s pretty simple:

Like [email protected] on Facebook and be one of my followers. Leave me 1 comment telling me you are both and it’ll count as your entry.

That’s it. You’re chances of winning are pretty good since I’m such a small potatoes blog. If you don’t live in Utah but know someone who might enjoy the conference, let them know about this giveaway.

It’s going to be a great conference!


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