Bedroom Makeover…Master Plan and a Winner

Bedroom Makeover…Master Plan and a Winner

When we moved into our house last August, we were in the middle of chaos. I won’t bore you with all the details. Suffice it to say, our bedroom was waaaaaaa-hheeeeyyy down on the ol’ priority list. It was, in fact, a hot, hot mess.

As life settled down, I focused on other projects, always content to let our bedroom wait. I wanted to paint the kitchen and relocate the laundry room and set up my office and paint furniture and…well, Hubs did not have the same priority list I did.

He was really wanting our bedroom to move to the top of the list. By the time he was really expressing his desire for a room redo, we were well into the cold weather. I kept thinking I needed to wait until late Spring to tackle our bedroom. That way it’d be warmer to paint and do all the things I wanted to do.

As a newspaper editor, Hubs is used to 60+ hour work week, not to mention late-night or early morning calls when breaking news happens. He has a stressful job and he really wants/needs a place of rest.

With our 24th anniversary this month, I decided that giving Hubs a peaceful room was the perfect gift.

Here’s what we are starting from. Remember, it’s one hot mess.

Yes, the walls are pink. They actually look better in the photos and if they looked this way in real life, I’d be tempted to keep the color. For some reason, though, in real life the pink seems to suck all the color and light from the room.

This room is basically a montage to my ever-changing mind. The dresser was painted when I thought I would be using those colors. I’d picked the color from a Restoration Hardware duvet I bought from Goodwill. After the duvet ripped, I scrapped that plan.

That round table with the maroon skirt? So four houses ago. It’s one of those rickety tables that I bought as a “temporary” fix, but never got around to changing. Hubs HATES it,  and every time we’ve moved he’s wanted to pitch it. Since it’s on my side of the bed and I’ve never bothered to find a more permanent solution, there it sits.

The yellow curtains and bed skirt were another color scheme that never fully developed. I threw the curtains up for privacy, but they are obviously too short and they are too tight on that curtain rod, making them a little difficult to open and close.

The bedding was left over from when Hubs’ lived away from home for nine months, due to a job layoff and a daughter in her senior year of high school. He came home every other weekend and that was the comforter he bought for his new “home.”  We have since purchased a new bed with a deep mattress,  and it no longer fits on our bed.

Yeah. It’s been 2 years with the new bed. Priorities? What priorities Apparently, our room has never made the priority list, let alone seen the top of said list.

We have a 3/4 bath off our bedroom as well. It’s the door on the left.

The serpentine dresser is from Hubs’ grandmother’s home. I have loved this dresser from the moment I saw it and will never paint it. I love the tiger wood finish, however, the top needs some love and I plan to touch it up and make it all purdy again real soon. You can see some of the marks in the picture below.

If you’re standing in the bathroom door, looking back at the room, you see the great wall of doors. Unfinished, no less. We’ll be trimming those out soon.

Here’s the layout of our room.

The door in the bottom, center is the entrance to our room. The two sets of double-doors are to a closet that extends across that wall. The small door on the far right is to our bathroom. The “french” doors head out onto a balcony. Only the door on the right opens.

I used Autodesk Homestyler to create the layout. It doesn’t show that under the lone, off-center window and across most of that wall is a baseboard heater. We also have heater in the floor in front of the French doors.

Using some standard furniture, I’ve tried to show how our bedroom is set up.

You can see in this view how off-center the window is.

Here is my plan for our room, some of which, is actually already done and waiting for another post.

I’ve created a Pinterest board with a collection of my ideas for this room. I’ve commented on each pin as to how I plan to use these ideas.

Pinterest Master Bedroom Redo Board

The colors are going to be based off of this fabric.

Pillows and pillow cases made out of this.

Source: via FrouFruGal on Pinterest

It’s sort of a modern-vintage-industrial style. We will rearrange our bedroom to follow this layout.

We’re doing a wood treatment to the wall behind the bed like this one.

For the wall behind the bed

We will have some industrial lights, like these:

Lighting for by the bed

Some froufy fabrics like these:

I'm making this for the bed.

Source: via FrouFruGal on Pinterest

I’ll be repainting the embossed dresser in a spring green color and the walls with be a ivory. I have drapes planned, but more for looks because we certainly don’t need them for privacy. Want proof?

Here’s the view from the window:

Look at that, I just gave you sneeky peaky at the new headboard.

Here’s the view from the balcony.

That line in the snow just above the watermark is the driveway.

Master Bedroom Balcony View

The line across the center of the picture is the actual road. In the summer, you can’t see the road through all the leaves. In the winter, it’s too far away and since we’re up on a hill. If you could see in, you’d probably only catch the top of our heads. Maybe.

I’m not saying you couldn’t see in if you tried hard enough. Like, maybe, if you cranked your head backwards before you went around the curve in the driveway and looked up you might be able to catch a glimpse, if your timing was right. But if you did that, you’d probably miss the curve and drive off the cliff edge of our driveway. It’d serve you right, Perv.

We’ve gotten used to waking up with the sun and we’ve reached the age where sleeping in is pretty darn near impossible, sun or no sun. So, yes, curtains will be involved, but they will be light and airy and for decoration only.

Smocked Drape. Yes, please.

Source: via FrouFruGal on Pinterest

And they will be hanging from plumbing pipes.

New curtains out of cheesecloth with a plumbing pipe curtain rod.

That’s the plan. Like I said, I’ve already made some progress and look forward to sharing it with you.

I’m focusing on the linens and curtains first since I don’t need warmer weather to do those. I’m putting off the painting stuff until we have some warmer weather when I can actually open the windows to air things out.

Do any of you have a room redo in your future? What are you doing? Does anyone else put off painting in the winter, or am I just a baby?


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