25 Things

1. My roots are showing, and not in a pretty way. I started going gray at 27. It’s 20 years later and I’ve now got a solid white streak going on. I’m seriously tempted to stop coloring my hair.

2. I have a very young face. I got carded at R-rated movies until I was 25. People still think I’m about 10 year younger than I am.

3. I hate to shop. Seriously. The pressure to make a decision. Trying to find what’s in my head within the walls of a store. Dealing with other shoppers and annoying sales people. Ugh. I really dislike it. Unless I’m with a friend. Then I’m fine. At least for a little while.

4. I’ve always wanted to have another daughter. I really wanted Baby Girl to have a sister but not so badly that I was willing to actually have another child.

5. I do not have one single room in my house that I can call done. Not because they are not cute enough or because I’m a constant tweaker, but because they really are not done. I blame MTES.

6. I am a chronic sufferer of the MTE Syndrome. Not familiar with MTES? Money/Time/Energy Syndrome. You must have at least two of the symptoms at any given time to accomplish most things in life. I usually only have one, but which one it is constantly changes. It’s annoying.

7. I once fell in mud up to my hips. I was walking down a street in south Seattle with my best friend when I was in junior high school. It was raining and we were wet so we figured we would go ahead and walk through the sectioned off muddy area in the sidewalk instead of walking around it (and into rush-hour traffic). We sank up to our hips and my friend kept screaming, “We’re in quicksand! We fell in quicksand! I’m stuck! How do we get out?!” I couldn’t answer her because I was laughing too hard. I can’t imagine what all the drivers thought seeing the upper half of two teenage girls stuck in a sidewalk! It was not fun walking home, but I laughed the whole way.

8. I’m usually incapable of giving a short answer. If there’s a story or an explanation behind an answer, I feel compelled to share it.

9. I chatted up the bank teller the other day. I couldn’t stop myself. I kept blathering on, telling her some story and in my head I kept thinking, “Suesan. Shut. UP. Walk away. Walk away NOW.” But I stood there and finished yammering. I walked away, shamed, but happy that I had talked to someone.

10. I need to get out of my house more and talk to real people.

11. My husband bought me a diamond ring for my birthday and I have only told a few people. It’s a replacement engagement ring for the one our son lost 10 years ago when he was a toddler. He got a great deal off of Craigslist but the ring was too small and not my style. I’ve designed a new setting. It’s in the process of being made. It’s designed to wrap around my wedding band.


12. I feel equal parts guilt and elation that I am getting a new ring. Guilt, because it’s such a big expense. Elation because it is gorgeous and I have dreamed of having this exact ring for nearly 10 years.

13. Hubs and I celebrate our 24th anniversary this year.

14. We are going out to Amish country and we will be staying in a tree house for our anniversary. There’s a Jacuzzi tub for two and the water pours into the tub from a spigot in the ceiling.

15. I hate taking showers in the winter. My eczema flares up in the winter and the water hurts my skin. My hair, however, does not appreciate my lack of showers. I’ll be sure to pack the Aquaphor for my anniversary getaway.

16. I once went to work and realized half-way through the day that I’d forgotten to wear a bra. Hubs and I worked at the same office at the time. He thought I was being flirty.

17. I frequently forget to wear a bra to work now. What? It’s one of the perks of working from home.  However, a couple cases of boob rash have improved my memory.

18. I am TV remote-challenged. Hubs and the boys rarely let me use it because I can’t figure out all the buttons.

19. I keep a stash of Dove Dark Chocolate squares in a canister in my kitchen. I call it my medicinal chocolate and it’s mine. All mine. I no longer suffer from the “Chocolate Time of the Month” so it lasts a long time.

20. I spent nearly all last year not being able to walk without pain. Everything finally stopped hurting in late December. I’m still trying to realize that I can move without pain.

21. When I’m tired, the grammar section of my brain shuts down first. I start talking gibberish.

22. I plan to secretly start practicing my dance moves on the Michael Jackson Dance Experience Kinect game so I can amaze my kids with my skillz. Kind of scared to do it because of #20. I’m really afraid of anything that may cause me more pain.

23. I am leaving in one month to go to Las Vegas for the first ever Sister Palooza. My Mom and 4 of my 5 sisters are planning on being there. We’re still hoping the 5th sister can join us. We haven’t all be together since 1999.

24. I hate talk radio. It makes me what to punch puppies or other cute things. Hubs LOVES talk radio. It’s his only flaw.

25. I love to sing but I’m not any good at it. Yeah, so far, that hasn’t stopped me.


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