Color Me Shocked…

I had to drive Kiddo to school early today because he was doing the flag ceremony for the Veteran’s Day assembly. He volunteered to help out when the principal asked one of his friend’s if he was a scout. Kiddo told the principal he was also a Boy Scout and would be happy to help. I love that kid.

Well, we got to the bottom of the drive and I saw a bag with a box in it on the ground below my mailbox, and the mailbox was wide open. WTF? By the way, WTF stands for Whiskey Tango Foxtrot at our house. What can I say? It’s a house full of Scouts.


I can’t imagine what it could be! *Activate sarcasm font now*

Oh, wait.

Maybe I CAN guess.


Seems someone around this house is trying to corner the market on original Dietz Lanterns. “The official lantern of the Boy Scouts of America!” (in the 1950s).  We sure do love our Scouts. So much so, that apparently we want to acquire all of the scouts lanterns. That were ever made. Ever.

And maybe a railroad lantern or two for good measure. Because we certainly would NOT want the poor railroad lanterns to feel left out in our mad bid for world lantern domination.


Last week, it looked like this:


Either the lanterns are breeding at night, or someone needs to get himself a hobby, that does NOT include surfing (and bidding!) on eBay for Dietz Lanterns.


He almost gave himself a heart attack when put a bid on one and accidentally confirmed that, yes, he really was willing to pay $225 (instead of the $25 he thought he’d typed in) for the lantern. Fortunately, the other bidder had no idea how committed Hubs was willing to go.

I guess the mailman got sick and tired of driving up to the house. I’m sincerely hoping he won’t need to, because someone promised me he’d stop.

Which isn’t to say that these lanterns aren’t totally adorable and useful.


They make for great decorations, not to mention that they are very useful when walking boys down the driveway at the butt crack of dawn.

I just want to know, at what point can you stick a fork in your obsession and call it done?

Is your someone obsessed with anything these days, or is it just mine?


Updated 30 minutes after post:

Apparently the box under the mailbox was yesterday’s box. Shortly after I posted this, I heard a car coming up the drive. A short honk let me know the mailman was here, with, you guessed it…



I may need a bigger fridge.

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