I’m Featured Today

I’m featured over on Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom today.

Suzy’s blog is full of wonderfully artistic, interesting projects that truly takes things to the next level.

The woman makes toilet paper rolls look good!


I know I’ve been MIA since my surgery. Who knew that my energy center was apparently located in my heel?! I’ve had a few surgeries in my day, but none of them have left me as mentally exhausted as this one. I think that fact that I’m trying to sleep with a giant cast/boot on my leg is messing with my mojo.

I’m mid-way through my recovery and I’m looking forward to start walking again in the next week or two. I have some physical therapy ahead of me, too, but once I can ditch the knee walker and boot I’ll be a happy, happy girl.

If you don’t follow me on Facebook, you may have missed some of my cast designs.

IMG00371-20110410-1716  0412011917_0001  0419011041  210431_168469269872983_113943638658880_335368_8279720_o  209276_169520886434488_113943638658880_341267_2176999_o 209641_169520863101157_113943638658880_341266_6573922_o

If you’re new here, go ahead and take a look at my FruGal Projects page. I’ve tried to put the bulk of my projects in one easy place for you.

I have been working on some things, despite my limitations. I finished up my cane chairs. In April, Miss Mustard Seed hosted my tutorial on how to replace caning. I bought the chairs for $20.


Here is the replaced cane before I painted the chairs.

Picture 007

I’m going to show you the finished chairs, but I’m not super happy with the pictures. We’ve had nothing but overcast skies forEVAH, a lifetime, months, weeks now. I am finding a hard time finding a place in my house with the right light to show the silver finish and the drop cloth seats.

I’ve been holding out on the final post on these chairs until I can get some better pictures.


Here’s a close up of the seats.

Picture 064

I’m also working on a roadside rescue project. My neighbor ditched these shelves when they moved.


You can see on the bottom, left side how the back is pulled away. I had to do some gluing and repairs to the frame. I’ve painted them with the same technique I did my $25 Buffet. I sprayed adhesive on the back and covered it with every crafter’s favorite fabric, burlap.

Again, overcast skies make for REALLY bad cell phone pictures, but I won’t leave you in suspense. I will work on a better post if when the weather clears up.


Although by no means a good shot, the one below is a Better shot of what the shelf looks like.


I have some old family photos – daguerreotype photos – and some old cameras that I plan to display on the shelf once I find a location for it.

I’m keeping busy, but for a gal who naps 2 times a day, teaches an early morning church class to high school students, works part-time from home and tries to care for a husband, two teenage sons and a fur child – all on one leg – the creative stuff is definitely taking a back seat.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks Suzy for the feature!


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