Pipe Strapping Pumpkin

Pipe Strapping Pumpkin
Phew! Good thing Hubs told me the name of Pipe Strapping so I could stop calling it “that metal stuff the size of masking tape with holes in it” stuff and therefore have a better title for this post.
I never truly understand how my creative process works. Mostly, I see something I like and then tweak it to fit my style. Every now and again, I come up with something all on my own! Today was that day. At least, I think this is an original idea. I don’t remember seeing this anywhere in Blogland, or in actual life, so I’m calling it an original idea.
Remember the pipe strapping I used to make this?
I used it today to make this:
See, I now have 100+ followers. I’ve been trying to think of something to make for a Give Away to show my appreciation for my followers. I had nothing. Zip. Zilch. Complete and total creative constipation. It wasn’t pretty, people. My brain was completely frozen. Even the projects that I’ve been working on – and there are many – weren’t getting the love from me they so richly deserved.
Well, the brain freeze was slowly starting to thaw and I was getting back to the swing of things and then today the dam broke and “Sha-ZING!” I’m back in business. See, I’m also meeting Kathy Stantz today from

SylviaS VintagE DaughteR

Kathy is also a contributor for JUNKMARKET Style. I love junk style and when I found out that Kathy and I live in the same town, well, I pestered her into meeting me we made plans in our schedules to meet up. I thought I’d bring a little pumpkin – JunkStyle – to Kathy tonight.

I hope she likes it. I’ll post a tutorial soon, along with details of the Give Away. Until then, cast your eyes on my newest little friend.

 Here it is next to my Book Wreath Clock.
 Here it is in the sun room window. For those of you who remember this post, that’s my spider plant. It is recovering nicely from it’s little run in with the Fur Child.

I still have some copper strapping and I know how to use it. Stay tuned!

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