Fallin’ For You

I just showed off my  buffet, but I wanted to tell you about the stuff on the top. Almost everything here is a thrift store find. You may recognize my little Liberace Pumpkin or my Faux Mercury Glass Pumpkins from previous posts.

The candlesticks I picked up for $1.91/each, but were originally $15/each. I may end up repainting them, but for now I like the colors with my fall stuff.
The bowl of acorns was $.50, the acorns were $3.00 for a bag from Wal-Mart, but the candle stick holder was $.50
I simply put the bowl on top of the candlestick. Some day I’ll break out the Gorilla glue and stick them together, but I’ll wait for a day when my coordination is high and my dork factor rating is low. I don’t need another glue incident on my hands.
The crystal garland you see I got for $1.00 on clearance at Wal-Mart. I also picked up a bag of gourds for about $3 and put them on this candlestick holder. I can’t remember where I got it. Probably at a thrift store, but, seriously,  I just can’t recall.

 I got this sign from a store that was going out of business.  I paid $.25 for it.

The mirror pieces is all that is left of the antique mirror that used to go above my piano. I inherited this piece from Hubs paternal grandmother, and I was devastated when it did not survive our move to Ohio, despite the wonderful packing job done on it. I wanted to save some of the mirror, so I took it to a glass shop who cut off the end for me. I put some little plastic feet on it and it now is on my buffet. 
I’m happy I was able to salvage a piece of  the mirror.

Here’s the final grouping.

The vase-type thing on the left is actually this:
I picked up the piece on the right thinking it would make a fun cloche, but then stuck it in the base and liked that too. This works for now, so it stays. Check with me next week, I may have changed my mind.

The cake stands are just some milk glass plates on some candlesticks, which are also not glued down at the moment. Again, all of these pieces were found at the thrift store and I did not pay more than $2/each for any of them. I’ve had these fall leaves in my stash for a few years now.

I have some milk glass lamps I’m working on for the buffet. Watch for that post soon. I’m sure this display will change with my mood and as I find things I want to focus on. 
Right now, I’m just very happy to have my buffet and a place to display things. 
Happy Day!
Cost Breakdown:
 Orange Candlesticks – $3.82
Glass Candlesticks (4) – $2.00
Bowl – $.50
Sign – $.25
Plates – $4.91
Various Glassware – $2.91
Crystal Garland  $1.00
Leaves – Free, Stash on hand
Total Project Cost – $15.39
Total Project Time – 30 minutes to arrange things and make up my mind.
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