Marble Glass Candle Globe

Marble Glass Candle Globe
I was visiting a blog and I loved the header on her blog. I have an on-going love affair with glass and after seeing that header, my creative juices started flowing.
I had some glass marbles left over from this project, and knew I could put them to good use. I bought a plain glass globe from this wonderful store I found in my new town. It was $1 for the globe. Woot! This is my kind of store.
I had some clear tacky glue on hand and I was too lazy to look for couldn’t find the E-6000 glue, so I used the Tacky Glue. Major mistake, however, once Creativity rears her Pretty-Little head, I’m a slave to her Siren’s Call.
I started gluing at the top of the globe. I wanted the stones at the top eVeN. I could only glue one row at a time because this glue required attention. Big Baby. Each row took a lot of attention to keep pushing them back on until the glue started to set. The weight of the marbles was too much for the glue at first.
Several rounds in.
From this point, the marbles were resting on each other and weren’t falling off as much, so then I got cocky impatient and did several rows at once. My bad! I had to hold the thing for a long time until the glue set up. I’m too impatient for that, but I held on.
Here’s the final version.
Cost Breakdown:
Glass Globe – $1.00
Marbles – On hand
Glue – On hand
Battery-operated Candle – $1.49
Total Project Cost – $2.49
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