When The Estate Sale Gods Smile

A few weeks ago, I was coming home from working out. Around these parts, Garage and Estate sales start on Thursday and it was an early Thursday morning. I was talking to my BFF at the time and was just telling her how I was experiencing too much month in my money and there were all these signs for sales but I was being a good girl and was not even going to put temptation into my path…yada, yada, yada. 
Famous last words, right? It happened. I saw the heavens part and a light shine down on two of the most gaaaaw-geous chairs out on the drive way of this estate sale. SCREEECH! “Hang on, Sista’ I’m going in.” I whipped my car around and headed back to the sale. What was I to do? The Estate Sale Gods has shown me the way and I had to obey.
Sadly, the chairs were too rich for my blood. I couldn’t justify $35/each on my budget and I came away with this cute little garden cart for $8 and this glass frog marble display for $3, which is half of what I paid for my first one at an antique store.
The glass frog Marble Display is already in use. Here it is on my mantle next to my Tinker Toy Box (that helped me make these).

The garden cart was cleaned up and put under the center section where my window shelves are. I debated about repainting this little cart, but I like the white-ish color and it has a natural patina (distressing) that you can’t replicate. For now, I’m happy with her just as she is.I’m planning on making this an herb/succulent garden and just need to make some cute pots to hold said herbs/succulents.
End of story, right? False! I could not get those pretty little chairs out of my mind and so on Friday, I was all set to justify their purchase. Hubs was out in the boondocks canoeing with Kiddo and Buddy, so he couldn’t talk me out of it. I made an excuse drove past the estate sale on Friday and told myself if those chairs were there is was Meant. To. Be.
Can you guess what happened? That’s right, the chairs were….Gone! You thought I got them, didn’tcha? I consoled myself that there were plenty of other chairs in the world and some day I would find some others that I loved as much as those. Oh, the lies we tell ourselves.
Fast forward to Monday morning and I’m doing the usual Craigs search when I see a dresser from the Estate Sale posted. Now, I loved the dresser when I first saw it, even though it needed some lovin’. Again, remember how I was being so responsible that day? I let it go, too. Imagine how giddy I was when I saw it posted on Craig’s for $20! You read that right, Twenty Bucks! I was so excited, I texted the guy and asked if he still had it. While I was waiting for his response, I went to the next Craigs posting for some end tables and that’s when the Heavens parted for a second time. SQUEEEEEE!
MY CHAIRS! I know, right?! You’re excited too, huh? I texted the guy as fast as my chubby little fingers would go to see if he still had them and howmuchdidhewantforthem? He was asking $25/ea, which I have to admit, as much as I loved those chairs, I still was thinking this was kind of steep. Plus, if I bought the dresser and the chairs, we were back to $70. It really wasn’t an outrageous price, especially considering that these are down filled chairs. They are high-end pieces.
I roped my neighbor, Larry, into driving me up to the sale in his little truck, I took out some money from the bank and drove up to the sale. The guy agreed to take $60 for all three pieces. Since he was trying to empty the house for the owners, I probably could have talked him down even further. I was happy with the $60 and  nearly did the happy gig on the driveway as I was loading them up.
Without further ado, I present to you my latest acquisitions.

Stay tuned to see how I revamp these pieces. The dresser is first up and I need to figure out the colors. I’m thinking Heirloom White with a glaze, along with some type of painting in the center panel. Hubs hates the yellow, so it’s got to go, but I have to admit that I kind of like it. 
If you have any ideas for the center panel, please let me know. I need inspiration. I like a lot of the bird/branch stuff I see, but I think this piece calls for a vertical design.
Cost Breakdown:
Garden Cart – $ 8.00
Glass Frog/Marble Display – $ 3.00
Chairs – $40.00
Dresser – $20.00
Total Price – $71.00

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