Tinker Toy Flowers

Tinker Toy Flowers
I tried to hang a shelf last weekend when Hubs was gone with the boys. I got the shelf too high on the first go round and ended up with a hole in the wall. Because I had some friends coming over the next day, and a To-Do list the size of Wisconsin to complete before they showed up, I decided to skip the patching, sanding, and painting required to fix this hole.
Tinker Toys to the rescue! A bouquet of Tinker Toy“Flowers”is just the thing to distract from the hole liven up the place!

Hubs bought a set of Tinker Toys off of e-bay for $6 after he saw Kiddo building a Gatling Gun with some of the ones we had at the house. I love the container, so it sits on my mantle.
I found this fire alarm at a garage sale for $3 and it sits on the other side. It cracks me up to have a fire alarm above the mantle. I know–I’m a dork. Deal with it.
I have a giant window from this collection that takes up the rest of the mantle. There’s no way for me to get a picture of that with my little cell phone camera, but I had vinyl made for the window which says:
May our home be filled with Joy
Each room hold Laughter
And every window open  
to a wonderful Possibility.
The Kennard Family
est. 1988
Cost Breakdown:
Tinker Toys – $6
Fire Alarm – $3
Total Project Cost  $9.00
Total Project Time – About 1 hour to get the flowers just so.
Plus those cardboard pieces were really flimsy and hard to get in. I’m thinking of cutting some new ones, but I like the vintage feel of these ones.
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