Garage Sale Finds

I went Garage Saling this weekend. In Ohio, near where we live, runs Old Highway 30 and during the first weekend of August, they have garage sales along 500 miles of the highway. Hubs and I started out Saturday morning to see what we could find. We had $51 in our pockets and here’s what we came away with:

Purchase #1 (our next-door neighbor)

Total Cost – $20
The color is ugly, but I plan to redo this using a bleached painter’s drop cloth. I will refinish the wood because I love the color too much to paint it.

Purchase #2

It’s a plant holder, but Hubs thinks we should attach some old handcuff to the chains and let it serve as a warning to Kiddo and Buddy for next time they act up.

I also slipped this into the bag. In it’s next life, it will be a pillow for my couch.

Cost – $1.00  
I actually threw these in the bag at the rummage sale that we could fill for $2.00. Since Hubs was buying a tote bag for camping gear and a sweatshirt, I’d like to think of them as free, but I’ll be generous and divvy up the cost.

Purchase #3

I bought this for some art work that Daja made last year.

Cost – $1.00

Purchase #4

I bought the glassware to add to my glass collection and to put on my Invisible Window Shelves. The Rock figurine is for my BFF who loves The Rock
I talked the gal down on the prices so I got all three pieces for $5.00

Total spent – $28

We actually spent more when we got waylaid at an Italian Street Festival in Wooster, but I thought we made out pretty well.

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