Burlap Candle

The menfolk in my house have been whining complaining about all the Frou-fruing I’ve been doing. I saw these cutes candles on House of Smith’s post about a recent trip to Pottery Barn and Bam! just like that…inspiration struck.

See, I’ve got this candle in the boys bathroom that has the most wonderful vanilla scent. But the candle is old and ugly. I grabbed some burlap left over from my window curtains I made. I haven’t posted about these yet. 
I cut the burlap to fit around the candle. Then I broke out my heat gun and heated the candle and stuck the burlap to the melted wax. You’ll need to hold it in place for a few seconds. I focused on where the ends of the fabric meet. I left the little fridge edge that was already there, froufed it up a bit ‘cuz that’s what I do, and here you have it.

Thanks House of Smiths and Pottery Barn for the inspiration.
Cost Breakdown:
Rattly old Candle – Free
Burlap – Free
Buttons – Free
Total Project Cost – FREE!
Total Project Time – 10 minutes
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